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    You cannot go back home without soaking yourself into an authentic onsen(hot spring) . Don't know where to go? Have limited time? Here are some tips for the busy travelers.
    1. For those who are staying in Tokyo and have only half day off go to: Ashinoyu, Hakone(Kanagawa
    2. For those who are staying in Tokyo and have a day off go to: Kusatsu(Gunma) or Naruko(Miyagi)
    3. For those who have a weekend off go to: Beppu(Oita), Noboribetsu(Hokkaido), Nyuto(Akita)(or basically anywere you wish to go).

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Wouter Kloos

Good on you! I like reading about your experiences at onsen all around Japan. I think it's awesome the Airtech visitors will now also be able to enjoy your great stories. I'm a fan myself but budget and time constraints limit me to the close-by sento, but when I do have the time I do like to travel around an soak. I agree, it's great!


Hi Wouter, Thank you for your comment and thank you for visiting my onsen blog:) I love your sento guide website!! Can I link it to my onsen blog?


Hi Sonoe, of course you may link to me. I have added your blog to my blogroll too!


Thanks! I just made "onsen links" on the right side of my blog.


Thanks a lot Sonoe!

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